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I provide  personal trainer, yoga instructor's and personal trainers in Hyderabad to the GYM, Corporate sector, Hotels, and gated communities. We have different diet plans like Intermediate Fasting, Keto Diet, and many more diet and nutrition plans for weight loss at home.

I can provide the best female fitness trainers in hyderabad for online training and personal female fitness trainers at home in Hyderabad. 

Fitness and Yoga Services At Home (Offline / Online):

HATHA YOGA - All age group
Yoga Exercise - THYROID / PCOS - PCOD
Hijama Cupping Therapy
HIIT [High-Intensity Interval Training]

Yoga Training At Home In Hyderabad and Fitness Training At Home In Hyderabad.

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So many people they can't get to the gym. They don't have time. They've got kids, jobs.

Rakesh Rathod is a dedicated personal fitness trainer who offers a diverse range of services to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. With a strong emphasis on convenience and personalization, Rakesh brings the fitness and yoga to your doorstep. Specializing in weight loss, body toning, and post-pregnancy workouts, Rakesh designs tailored fitness programs and yoga asanas that cater to the unique needs and aspirations of his clients. He understands the importance of safe and effective exercise during pregnancy, providing specialized yoga instruction for expectant mothers, promoting both physical and mental Health.

I help people to reach their goals and maintain a good physique.

Cupping Therapy Hyderabad | Hijama In Hyderabad

Best ladies hijama centre hyderabad
Hijama at home Hyderabad

Cupping is a technique for massage that involves the creation of a local suction applied to the skin to boost blood flow to speed up healing.

Cupping is a highly effective method of massage that can increase the circulation of blood in the body to eliminate toxins and speed up your healing. Cupping employs the use of a partial vacuum to alleviate tension in the skin and tissues beneath. The release of tension leads to an increase in blood flow which aids the body start healing damaged areas as well as eliminate toxic substances that build up over time. The elimination of waste products within the body could cause a reduction in tension without massive amounts or pressure applied. Cupping is a great option for any body part so long as there's an airtight sealing between skin and the cup, so the cupping method is better suited to large areas of muscle.

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Hatha yoga training at home India

Rakesh’s holistic approach to fitness extends beyond weight loss and muscle toning. He offers yoga personal training at home, enhancing flexibility and promoting overall fitness and relaxation. Rakesh’s commitment to his clients goes beyond conventional fitness training. He empowers them to embrace a healthier lifestyle, offering guidance and motivation every step of the way. With Rakesh Rathod’s expert guidance, you can embark on a transformative journey toward improved health and well-being, all from the comfort of your own home.

Best Personal Trainer in Hyderabad For Ladies and Gents

One-on-one fitness training is the premier service for the person who wants individual attention. You’ve got some physical limitations, or you don’t want to work out in a group, or you’ve got a random schedule where you know you can’t make some of the session time work. Whatever that is, we’ve got that one-on-one personal training available.

Next, I move over to the semi-private personal training, which is done in a group setting of two upwards to five people. It’s the same type of workouts as we do in the one-on-one it’s just spread out over the group, so there is a lot of fun you get to meet some other like-minded people you’ll make new friends you’ll challenge one another, and it’s great fun and friendly environment.

There are many bodyweight training exercises to do at home. They’re a little bit more intense, so that’s what the person who says, you know what I want a little bit more. I would want to get after it, maybe do that in between your strength training workouts that work best for you.

In all of the personal training services, I focus on helping you get stronger safely first. Safely is a big key. I help you strengthen the heart and lungs by doing cardio and then I help you with flexibility because you want to move well and have a better overall quality of life.

How To Find The Right Personal Trainer In Hyderabad?

So, you’re looking for a personal trainer in Hyderabad, but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.
The first step is to decide what you need from your trainer. Do you want someone who can help you with general fitness, or are you looking for someone who can specifically help you with yoga asanas to cure PCOS and thyroid?

Once you’ve decided what you need, the next step is to do your research. Check out the websites and social media pages of local personal trainers and see which ones match your needs. Read their bios and reviews, and see if they offer free consultations or trial sessions.

Finally, contact the trainers that your interested in and book a consultation to see which one is the best fit for you!