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I am working as a fitness trainer around the world with more than 22+ years of fitness experience.

I am a certified Personal Fitness Trainer Hyderabad with more than 22+ years of experience in fitness, yoga, and customized diet plan for weight loss/building muscle.

I am a Certified Fitness Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Hijama Cupping Therapy, Basic life support, Self Defense (Krav Maga Global), Diploma in Nutrition and Bodybuilding Contest Coach.

Education:  D.Pharmacy, MBA, M.D in Acupuncture

I visit the client’s home for fitness and yoga training. I am productive and focused on my work. Staying aware of my customer's advancement and requests, I proceed to refine and improve my comprehension of cutting-edge aptitudes. I have helped vast numbers of my clients to accomplish their wellness objectives with well-designed fitness routines.

It's frequently hard to remain spurred to work out, yet the Internet is a fantastic wellspring of data and backing. You'll discover data about each part of the activity, from losing weight at home with the help of a fitness trainer and personal yoga training at home in mokila, Hyderabad. I am committed to helping you to become a fit as a fiddle and be healthy with my fitness training services at home. I comprehend that for women discovering time to get to the Gym nearby mokila with a Newborn at home may be troublesome, yet now they need not worry. I can train new mothers at home or do online postnatal workouts to get thinner and fit at home.

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Weight Loss Training At Home
Rehab Exercises For Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Knee Pain, etc..
Weight loss program for PCOS / PCOD / THYRIOD
Lower Back Strengthen Exercise's
Fitness & Yoga For Menstruation, Depression and Other Health Issues.
Pre and Post Natal Yoga
Bodybuilding & Toning
Hijama & Cupping Therapy
Online Yoga & Fitness

Seminars & Workshop Conducted:

Yoga Classes and Workshop For ICRISAT SCIENTISTS
Fitness Session - Asian Paints Employees.
Fitness Session - Micron Company
Yoga - Simpli Namdhari's
Self- Defence - Sarhya Management Services Private Limited
Self- Defence - Giggles Play School
Self- Defence - FIITJEE School (sec-bad)
CPR & First Aid - Jain Public School
Boot Camp for Kid’s - L&T Serene County
Fitness - Strawberry Fields Pre school - Aparna Sarovar Grande
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Fitness Seminar Attended:

Advanced Nutrition Strategies
SHOULDER: Shoulder Stability and Strength.
PERIODIZATION: Periodization is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training.
PARTNER WORKOUT: This workout uses a partner to create agility, muscular endurance, strength, stability, suppleness & cardio challenges.
CURRENT TRENDS IN EXERCISE: Different types or methods of a workout.

Few Top Notch Client I worked And Trained : 

Dr Rajeev K Varshney – ICRISAT scientists
Imran Siddiqi – CCMB
Gaddam Vinod – Ex- MLA and Minister
VVS laxman – CricketerKunal Kaushik – Actor
Deepti Varma – VP (HR) – Amazon
Manikandan Ramalingam – Senior VP – Granules India Ltd
Namit Agarwal – Chief Innovation Officer at Reventics, Inc.

(And Many More In The List…..)

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How much Protein should a person consume in a day? 

Protein Intake per kg 1gram. 

How much water should a person consume in a day? 

Weight should be divided by 10 and subtract by 2.

Do you only want to trim down a few pounds or do you want to improve your fitness levels?
How flexible are you, and what areas of your body do you need to work on?

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