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I am working around the world with more than 20 years of fitness experience.

I am a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with more than 18 years of experience in the field of fitness, wellness and customized diet plan for weight loss. I am a Certified CPR, Fitness Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Self Defense (Krav Maga Global) and done a Diploma in Nutrition. I visit client’s home for fitness training and yoga training. 

I am productive and focused on my work. Staying aware of my customer's advancement and requests, I proceed to refine and improve my comprehension of cutting-edge aptitudes. I have helped huge numbers of my customers to accomplish their wellness objectives.

It's frequently hard to remain spurred to work out, yet the Internet is a fantastic wellspring of data and backing. Through my blog, you'll discover data about each part of the activity from shedding pounds to picking quality preparing practices at home. I am committed to helping you to become a fit as a fiddle and be Fit with my wellness system. I comprehend that for women discovering time to get to the Gym with a Newborn at home may be troublesome, yet now they need not stress, I have discovered a couple of extraordinary approaches to get thinner and gotten fit at home.

Weight Loss Training
Back Pain Rehab Exercises
Clinical Exercises
Lower Back Strengthen Exercise's
After Pregnancy Exercise / Post Natal Yoga
Frozen Shoulder or Shoulder Pain Rehabilitation Exercise
Yoga Asanas for Menstruation problems
Yoga Asanas for Thyroid & other Health Issues

Fitness Workshop / Seminar :

Advanced Nutrition Strategies
SHOULDER: Shoulder Stability and Strength.
PERIODIZATION: Periodization is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training.
PARTNER WORKOUT: This workout uses a partner to create agility, muscular endurance, strength, stability, suppleness & cardio challenges.
CURRENT TRENDS IN EXERCISE: Different types or methods of a workout.
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