Certified Fitness Trainer and Yoga Trainer

Personal Trainer Hyderabad

SHAPE YOUR BODY With Certified Fitness Trainer


I am always work with expertise.

SHAPE YOUR BODY With Certified Fitness Trainer


I am always work with expertise.

SHAPE YOUR BODY With Certified Fitness Trainer


I am always work with expertise.

In Home Fitness Personal Training, Yoga, Hijama Cupping Therapy & Acupuncture.

Online Personal Training In India Available!


Personal Training at Home

I provide fitness training at home for Ladies and Gents at home or in the nearby GYM.


Hijama Cupping Therapy

Hijama and difference types of cupping therapy available at home.



Hatha yoga for all age groups.



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Personal Training Hyderabad Strategies For Fast Weight Loss Training At Home.

Personal training with no excuses!

Personal training is the fastest and safest way to reach your goal at your home or in nearby gym.

In-home services for personal fitness training, yoga, hijama cupping therapy, and acupuncture offer a unique and personalized approach to health and wellness. With the convenience of having these services brought directly to your doorstep, individuals can enjoy the benefits of professional guidance and care in the comfort of their own space. Rakesh Rathod not only provides tailored workout plans but also offers invaluable motivation and support to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Want to lose weight? No problem!

As a personal trainer in Hyderabad and an online fitness trainer in India, I understand the importance of designing personalized training sessions to help individuals achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their homes. Focusing on physical fitness training at home and personal yoga training in Hyderabad, I will create an effective plan based on the individual’s current fitness level, goals, and lifestyle habits.

During the training sessions, I will begin by assessing the individual’s fitness level, considering age, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance factors. This assessment will help me tailor the exercises and yoga routines to their needs.

The training sessions will gradually increase intensity and challenge, ensuring progressive improvement over time. I will incorporate cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and yoga poses to enhance overall fitness, increase strength and flexibility, and promote mindfulness.

I will provide personal training in Hyderabad according to the flexible scheduling options, allowing them to choose the most convenient time for their training sessions. Additionally, I will offer guidance on nutrition, suggesting healthy and balanced meal options that complement their fitness goals.

I will support and motivate the individual through personalized training sessions at home in Hyderabad, providing them with the knowledge, guidance, and accountability they need to become fitter, stronger, and healthier. Together, we will embark on a transformative fitness journey that positively changes their physical and mental well-being.

Why personal training?

Get the best of two worlds – a personal trainer who knows you and your fitness goals and the convenience of on-demand workouts at a gym near you. Professional online personal training in Hyderabad for women planning to exercise for PCOS weight loss, Thyroid, strength training and activities for after-pregnancy belly fat exercise.
The most efficient method to achieve fitness objectives at home is hiring the best gym trainer in Mokila, Hyderabad. Being fit is an important objective the earlier you begin, the faster you will see the results you hope to see. Begin your training now, and everything else is easy.

*Highly experienced in fitness and Yoga Training*